I wrote this puppy in Spanish and also translated it into English. Given that no translation can ever match the original, my apologies. There are terms and names that come from Salvadoran Spanish, inter alii. Some are meant to be somewhat opaque, in order to preserve the tone of the novel, e.g. a few passages in foreign languages. But the diligent reader will figure this out. Others are purely regional, such as Tecolote, the last name of the protagonist. Tecolote literally means "barn owl, lesser owl, etc." in Central America and Mexico. In slang, it can mean "nerd, dork, four eyes, gay." Word play, intertextuality and satire are important parts of this novel, especially among languages and authors, but the novel can be read at various levels. The novice reader will enjoy it just as much. For those who know Spanish well, I recommend the original in Spanish. Read and enjoy. I have kept quoted material in the original language, followed by English translations. Note that in the origina

The Cockslayer

  • Publication Date: Apr 08 2015

    ISBN/EAN13: 1942369018 / 9781942369011

    Page Count: 230

    Binding Type: US Trade Paper

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    Language: English

    Color: Black and White

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